Ahh, that’s better

Wish it could always be like this. Just started writing a new song and I’m full of that creative rush when it feels like it’s going to be good. When the pieces fall together and the words jump out of me. It’s very much like that rush you feel when you meet someone you’re really attracted to. All excitement, no downside. I’ve never really been one that could force music out of myself, so when it happens I enjoy it and just go for the ride.

I’ve tried to explain the process to others and I always come off as being a little odd. (which I could be) But it never feels quite like I’ve done it. Anyway, it’s always a relief and a release and I wish it could last longer or come more often.


~ by trendof1 on January 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ahh, that’s better”

  1. I know the feelings. Both the excitement and angst of capturing what’s flowing through you, as well as the wishing for it to always be there. Get it while its hot.

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