a body at rest…

… will generally disappoint the masses. Or so it seems.

I sat in my man cave working on a new song as happy as I ever get. Oblivious to the far-reaching ramifications of my contentment.  We had been hit by the recent winter storm that canvassed the middle of the country and I was sure I was going to be able to pass the rest of the evening in self-absorbed oblivion. At the height of my revelry my eight year old confronted me. “You know, it feels like you don’t even know me. You know, we’ve never gone sledding or anything”.  So, there it was. The gauntlet thrown.  Disregarding the fact that his opening statement didn’t even make any sense, I took the intent to heart. Even so, I went back down stairs. I mean, really, I was working on the bridge! Synth parts were going well and adding interest. It usually takes a few minutes to immerse myself back into things and in about 5 I was back up to speed. At about the 8 minute mark the door opened and my wife walked in. She reminded me that she also had never been sledding.  I countered with it not being my responsibility to make up for her shattered and profoundly tragic childhood. She told me I was a pig and I started getting dressed.

It was dangerously cold. We almost go stuck in the parking lot. I had no long johns. No hot chocolate. The inside of the truck got snow all over it. My shoes are wet.

It was marvelous…


~ by trendof1 on January 9, 2010.

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