That one percent….

… was everything I was hanging my hope on.

I went to a great deal of effort to make this past Christmas a special one for my wife and a couple other very special relatives. It included subterfuge, inside people, a limo, a great deal of planning and some wax.

I created a series of locations and clues to be discovered and followed on the day after Christmas. Ultimately, they led to a waiting limo, a dinner in the city and then a concert. All on the sly. I worked very hard for weeks to make what ended up a huge project a success. I made DVD’s and secured safe meeting locations. I incorporated business clients, neighbors, friends and family members. There were a few bumps in the road and a couple of narrowly averted disasters, but all ultimately went well. The only downside to the whole thing was that I was not able to be there to share in the surprise or see the facial expressions.

My wife is a smart cookie and I had to be drastic in order to fool her at all. When I say I really worked at it,  I mean I really worked at it.  Up to and including having a wax sealed message delivered to her and the others from other points in the country so they  couldn’t be traced back to me.  And that was the whole thing right there. I knew she would probably know who it was from but I needed to see her face when she got it. I was lucky enough to be home when she received her message.

I have since been lauded as the “uber husband”.  A man to be reckoned with in the “make it a special gift” circle. I am now considered one of the elite. All of which I enjoy and have taken full advantage of. But really, really, really what made it worth all the work was when she opened up and read the letter. Her response was something like this….

(Grinning) “This is from you. I know it is. You can’t fool me. This is from you. You’re pulling something.  I know it’s you. (here comes the good part) Besides, if it’s not from you I’m not going on some strange hunt or adventure. This is from you.

That’s all I needed. That one line showed me the chink in her armor. Even though she was 99% convinced I was behind it, for just a moment or two she had to have considered that it might not be. Otherwise she wouldn’t have said that. That made up for not being able to be there.

I’m trying to take something from this. I think it’s that maybe sometimes we look for a big payoff when it’s the little treasures that have to most value.

Of course, this could all just be silly meandering. I’ll think about it…


~ by trendof1 on January 11, 2010.

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