Two ambulances and a firetruck…

…showed up in front of my house this morning at around 8AM. As stupid as it is there was a split second when I did a quick check of everything in my household that I already knew. You know, all family present and accounted for. Nothing seemingly out of the ordinary…. but there were still those service vehicles out front. It was a confusing feeling compounded by the fact that the EMT’s ran from the front of their truck around to the back and were running to get a stretcher out of it.

They got it out and went to the back door of my neighbors house across the street from me. We watched from the window of our house as things unfolded. It was very strange watching without sound. You’re left to infer so much. The wife came out and threw her arms around her next door neighbor heaving with sobs I couldn’t hear.

Who was it that needed help?  The husband? These were not older people. Forty…maybe? Perhaps the older friend that seemed to stay with them. He was in his late 50’s to 60ish (my guess). That, to me, seemed the most likely choice.

The EMT’s didn’t come out and I got impatient. I threw my coat and shoes on and walked across the street. Yes, my curiosity was piqued. But truthfully, I wanted to offer whatever help I could. We didn’t hang out a lot, but we were on very friendly terms. If I needed some kind of help, they would have helped, no doubts. I stood in the driveway not wanting to walk into the house uninvited right now. After a few minutes the next door neighbor came out and said, “Her mother stopped breathing”. I nodded and made commiserating sounds for a few moments.  It seemed that the neighbor was going to hang out so I offered to take here son to school with mine.

I walked across the street and informed my next door neighbor what had happened. She said, “I didn’t know they were still there. I didn’t see them at the New Years Eve party.”

I walked back into my house profoundly disturbed.

Apparently, there had been a set of parents living with them for months. I had been completely clueless to their existence.

Someone had literally lived and died right across the street from me and I had never even know they were there.

I just don’t know how to feel about that…


~ by trendof1 on January 20, 2010.

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