So I find myself…

…in uncharted territory.

I’m a fairly creative person. It’s not a boast, just a statement of fact. I like to do a bunch of things and as a consequence for my ADD I’ve become a “jack of all trades, master of none”. I write (and read, you should try it!) and am a musician, etc. These things have ancillary skills as well. You know, learning to record sound, edit video, blah, blah, blah.

What I’m not is prolific.

I hate it but have not seemed to be able to exercise any true control over it. I know people, for instance, that can crank out a song a day if they put their mind to it. I’m amazed by it but simply can’t wrap my head around it.

So…back to the “uncharted territory”.

Through one circumstance or another, I have on my plate the finishing of the rough draft of a screenplay then looking a little forward the inevitable re-write and pre-production plans for it. I think I’d like to release it to the internet as an episodic/series sort of thing. (undecided) That in itself is a huge undertaking. I did a one off sit-com thingy for You Tube and as cheesy as it was, it was a big job.

Next I re-read a script for a musical that’s ready for a re-write. It’s not as rough as the screenplay but needs some TLC regardless. That’s not the tough part of that project, though. I still need to write the music for it. Approximately 7-9 songs. I’ve got vague ideas of what I want to do with most of them, but still…

I’ve been approached by three separate sets of people trying to get an original’s based band up and running, each one of those has been confronted w/ some pretty severe challenges…

In concert with that one are the original songs that are in various stages of completion.

Last, but certainly not least of which let’s not forget a fantastic wife, family and silly “job thing”. (takes deep breath)

How do all of you people do it?

I’ll keep you posted.

For those at all curious, here’s the links to the aforementioned videos…

winning the War on… pets …part1

Winning the War on… pets …part2


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