We had…

…one of our first “car windows down”, “close to spring” days just the other day. The sun was shining and it probably hit close to 60 degrees. One of those days where it almost literally feels like everything around you exhales. It’s always been one of the best parts of a year for me. It’s very quick and as the weather really starts to change, it gets lost as we begin to take it for granted. But this day was really nice.

My day had become full of running and picking things up and dropping them off at other places so I found myself riding around for a good part of the day. This dovetailed nicely with the weather and I was fairly content. The afternoon came round and I picked up my son from school. He wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having to follow my wife around until it was time to pick an old piece of furniture for his older brother, but he spent the time regaling me with the tales of a potential new love affair. Part of the conversation went like this: “I don’t know if Maria likes me cuz’ every time I ask her to play a game she always says, ‘Which one?’”

He’s eight. Apparently he hasn’t hit that point at which relationships become the snarled mess that they do. I gently steer the conversation toward the weather after a while and that seems to be fine by him.

The radio goes on and we’re really drowning in the experience now. He’s got his window rolled down and keeps sticking his head out a little to catch the wind (yes, yes, much like a dog).

We found ourselves with no destination for a few minutes so I pulled over to make a call. Instead, my wife called me. My phone rang and her ring tone began like it always does (New Radicals/You get what you give) and my son who recognizes it as his mom sang the line and then it was over. I spoke to my wife who told me where to go (high road, folks) and we were on our way to our next destination. We pull away from the spot we’re at and on the radio starts the actual song, “You get what you give” of said ringtone fame. It’s an upbeat song that’s fairly positive and was perhaps, the perfect song for right that second and my son had never heard the whole thing.

I reached for the volume knob to give a little more “mmph” and as I did, in one of those poignant, bright, piercing, shiny, fleeting moments that we get so few of, my eight year old leaned back in his seat as if to truly soak it all in, looked me in the eye and with a grin of satisfaction with the universe never before seen on his face said to me with a small nod,…. “yeah…some travelin’ music”.

I could have died with no regrets right then.

This little blonde boy with the blue eyes and freckles that look like God just threw them at his face got it. It was a one time thing, this moment. It was a first. And, by definition, an only. All the little things in a random universe that have to line up for a day like this to happen and somehow in his uncomplicated way, he understood this. And simply rolled with it.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him to hold on to this as tight as he could. That when other times in your life are not as uplifting that we look back to these things and wear them as karmic armor. That they won’t stop the pain and hurt and frustration, but that they will make them survivable.

I sat there in witness and living testament to the simple power of “positive”.

And now, a few days later, I can still recall that day pretty clearly and I find when I close my eyes that the armor is still there, intact. Not as thick, but there are no chinks and it still smells a little like sunshine and freckles and rock and roll and very little will be able to get through it. At least for a little while longer.

I’ll also admit here for you, silent masses, that I’m proudly wearing the uniform of sentiment, replete with merit badges of memories and achievement awards of my soul. And can stand before you all, unassailable because the armor is still there… Today.

If Norman Rockwell was still alive, he would have painted us and that would have been alright…


~ by trendof1 on March 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “We had…”

  1. Thanks for letting me be a part of your “moment”. I felt like I was in the truck with you guys.

  2. And all the people said…. Amen! I love the Art in you! Love you, Mister!

    • Hey there Cindy Lou Who!
      It’s great to hear from you! Hope you and Aaron are awesome. Thanks so much for commenting. (Heck, for showing up! LOL!) I was warned that blogging would be lonely for a while so I’m really treasuring peoples thoughts when they roll in. Pop in anytime and drop a line.
      Love, Dave

  3. Its really late cant sleep and your sorry butt just made me laugh my freaking head off and cry my eyes out! You are truly amazing and gifted my friend. Keep writing!

    • Thanks Jake,
      Glad you enjoyed it. It’s quite a challenge to try to convey what your heart is experiencing through another medium. Hope I got close to it. You write as well, though, so I’m know you understand what I’m saying. Take care and pop in from time to time.

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